Thursday, February 4, 2010

howard hughes airport

Today I rode to what remains of Howard hughes' private airport and factory. The place he actually built the spruce goose among many other planes, they are currently turning it into a collection of corporate buildings and condos but you can still see the spruce goose's hangar(one of the largest wooden buildings in the world) it's interesting because it;s a huge tract of land where the wide blvds have been paved and set up but noone is riding on them yet (except me). It had a very eerie feeling to it and you can see that in just a few years it will be filled in with buildings and you will no longer be able to see the outline of the field and the remnants of the runway will become another street clogged with cars.

notice LMU in the top left.

I took ballona creek to get there and got to see a lot of the new exposition blvd light rail line being built I'm really excited to see a light rail come back to that route, especially since they promised a bike path as well.

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  1. The thing that occurs to me as well is that the people who are supressing skepticism aren't even clear on their own motivations, they're just having a knee jerk reaction to opposition. In other words, the process of supressing skepticism is just the next of stage of evolution. Hopefully skepticism will turn out to be the "fittest" :-)